Sick sick sick

In bed for two days. Bad flu. Bad chest. Sleeping 18 hours a day. Yech!

Hence the lack of posting - no other reason.

Hunter feels impact of bad flu season

The current flu epidemic is putting a strain on the New South Wales Hunter region's hospitals and health services.

Public health physician David Durrheim says there has been a huge increase in the number of confirmed flu cases compared to previous years, and it is likely there will be a further rise in coming weeks.

He says there has also been a rise in the number of hospital admissions.

"Certainly every year with influenza, particularly in people who are most vulnerable and the elderly, people with underlying chest or heart conditions, we are seeing complications, many of those are due to secondary bacterial infections and that's why we are advocating very strongly that it's not too late to still get one's influenza vaccination," he said.

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