I've started a discussion thread over at Sydney Anglicans about the issue of MTS "failures". I have taken down the recent post about MTS and AFES in the meantime - I'll put it up later if/when the discussion dies down.


Gordon Cheng said...

The discussion appears to have been closed, which I'm pleased about. I'm not part of MTS in any formal way, but I'm not sure it it's wise or right to use the forums of one (sister) organization to launch a critique on another organization in this way.

I also hope you will take up any personal grievances you might have with the individual(s) concerned, who in some cases were easily identifiable from the posts you made—especially your MTS trainer of 1994-1995.

It concerns me that you were willing to speak about your own experience with them on a public forum while making it clear that you hadn't actually approached them to discuss your current concerns. I don't think that you've paid careful enough attention to 1 Timothy 5:19 in this matter.

Reuben Kincaid said...

So what happened OSO, those pesky Syd Anglicans get a little unconfortable with some more personal discussion?

Theteak said...

12 years...hmmm

Lisa said...

Hey Neil, David and I remember you from SMBC. Hoping and praying that you are travelling OK with God right now. Not sure how you're feeling about your discussion disappearing, but trust that, with God's help you are doing OK. I think David emailed you yesterday. Feel free to email him for a yarn


Lisa Hall

Anonymous said...
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