George Bush as antichrist?

An interesting argument:
Yet, conservative Christians are still so infatuated with President Bush that they actually believe that anyone who resists the President is resisting God. They further believe that if anyone votes for any candidate who is not a Republican (Bush's party), they are fighting against God. They gladly surrender their constitutional liberties and safeguards. They enthusiastically support an unconstitutional war in Iraq and would no doubt support expanding the war to wherever Bush decided. They happily cede Bush the power to tap their phones, read their emails, or open their mail (without warrant or court order, no less).

Regardless of one's politics or religion, the spirit of Big Brother, the spirit of military aggression, the spirit of occultism, the spirit of a police state mentality, the spirit of deception are all part of the spirit of antichrist.

Therefore, whether one identifies himself as a premillennialist or a postmillennialist or anything in between; whether we believe in a Rapture or not; no matter what our understanding of Eschatology might be, every Christian has a duty to "resist the devil" in any form in which he reveals himself. And that certainly means that any political leader, regardless of party, who embodies or exemplifies the spirit of antichrist, must be resisted. Anything less means to accept, in a way, the mark of the beast.
Some interesting points, however the writer goes a bit too "Godwin" in his argument here which takes away much of its impact. I'm no fan of George W. Bush, but to make Hitler/Nazi comparisons as he has done is not warranted. He also spends too much time mulling over "dark conspiracies" - although in a reasonably neutral and judicious manner. He really should have spent more time examining the evil acts of the Bush Administration and then using them as a springboard to critique Bush.

I've often said to myself in the past that if I were premillennial then, looking at the acts of Bush and then looking at the adulation American Christians give him, I would want to identify Bush as a potential Antichrist.

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