Iraq and Soccer

Soccer victory proves Iraq strategy is working, says Bush:
BAGHDAD, Iraq -- Iraq's victory in the Asian Cup final over Saudi Arabia on Sunday proves that America's new strategy for Iraq is working, say White House officials. The 1-0 match showed that the Iraqi athletes can hold their own and defeat opponents without direct help from Major League Soccer players.

Everyone credits the victory to President Bush's new strategy for Iraq's soccer program, which he unveiled last January. Before then, Iraq's soccer team had an abysmal record, losing in almost every match, often by embarrassingly wide margins. Bush put head coach David Petraus in charge, who completely revamped the team's strategy, putting more focus on training. "These guys would only train once or twice a week and were really out of shape," commented Petraus about the players, adding, "but with me in charge, they trained every day."

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