An Open Theist mourns his dead son

I don't know a great deal about the accident, but there's no doubt that this man is mourning heavily the death of his eleven-year old son. The post I have linked to has some good points about how NOT to speak to people who are mourning the death of a loved one. However, he does include this statement:
There is a difference between the ideas of pre-destination and pre-determination. Most people who claim pre-destination, actually believe in pre-determination. That God has mapped it all out, every full stop, every second, both good and evil. If that is your God – repent! God is not a despot, a dictator or a deranged maniac. God is, as it has so often been said (but not said enough), love.
I find such a comment very sad. I'm not one of these people who are offering stupid advice and yet if I hold the belief that God is determinist he calls on me to repent. Hmmm.

I have children too, and if one of my kids dies I, too, will experience, in my own unique way, the pain he is going through. I have no idea how this man feels and, to be honest, I hope I never do.

Yet I believe also that we belong to God, and that our very lives belong to Him. If God chooses to take one of my children away, then that is his prerogative. Life in eternity is a blessing. Death may be a result of evil, but God is not evil when he predetermines people's day of death. If God chooses to take me away from this world then that is his prerogative. Every minute, every second of my life belongs to God.

There are plenty of Calvinists around the world, throughout time, who believe in determinism and who have lost children too. I'm hardly going to speak to this particular guy about his devastating loss, but even the midst of tragedy a person can lose sight of the truth about God. Let's pray that, over time, he will rejoice in the complete sovereignty of God.

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