Redeemer Baptist church in trouble

About time too. I've heard so many bad reports about this church and the school it runs.


Ross said...

A good friend of my mother's has been in this church for a long time. In January 1993, whilst on holidays in Sydney, we spent a day visiting them at their community in Castle Hill, and have followed all the bad publicity with great interest.

One Salient Oversight said...

What's your take on the situation? Is the media blowing it out of proportion or is there some truth to it all?

I have heard someone allege that the church pastor is addressed as "Uncle" by all the school students.

Ross said...

The sensationalism aside, there are some valid concerns. It clearly has cultic tendencies, in terms of abusing its members spiritually, psychologically, and emotionally, and exerting too much control over their lives. The Sunday program on Channel Nine did a story about them 2 years ago, and they're pretty balanced. If it's not a cult in the true sense of the word, then this church does have very strong cultic tendencies. I know there's been a recent story where they've been underpaying teachers at their school by classifying them as religious workers rather than teachers, but that's another issue.
I don't have any inside knowledge, and like you, can only go on what the media says, with a grain of salt.