Old Unionism not welcome in the new ALP

Prime Minister (to be) Kevin Rudd has done the right thing in calling for the expulsion of Joe Macdonald for his on-camera behaviour. The issue, for me, is not name calling (which Macdonald definitely excels in) but the manner of his militancy. Macdonald refused to leave the employers' property. The idea that union officials can invade the property of the bosses is outmoded and ineffective - not mention illegal. There is a growing divide between bosses and workers as a result of Howard's IR laws, but old unionism is no longer the way of doing things (if ever it was in the first place).

Any political mileage Howard might get out of this, however, may be reversed by Rudd's quick actions to call for his expulsion. The Coalition message is to convince people that the ALP is full of baby-eating communists - but Rudd's quick call for expulsion may convince people otherwise.

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