Pasha Bulker pictures

The kids and I went off this morning to see the Pasha Bulker stranded on Nobby's Beach. Click on "Read more..." to see the pics.


The ship is quite large. All the photos you see do not do it justice. It really dominates the beach area. People were lining up everywhere taking photos - even though it had been there for a few weeks.


As we were watching, a helicopter came along with something attached to it. Aiden joked that the helicopter was probably trying to fly the ship away. I took this picture above the safety railing, hence the bad angle of the shot.


I was really surprised at the low speed of the helicopter rotor blades. Here the "thing" is lowered onto the deck of the Pasha Bulker for the workmen on board to get. Later, the helicopter flew around backwards... for what reason I don't know, but Aiden liked it.


We celebrated our visit to the Pasha with a visit to Hungry Jacks. Here Lillian is waiting for another order.

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