2006 Census stats

They're up now. Here's some interesting bits:

  • Catholics have dropped by 3.0% (25.8% in 2006, 26.6% in 2001)
  • Anglicans have dropped by 9.7% (18.7% in 2006, 20.7% in 2001)
  • No Religion has increased by 20.6% (18.7% in 2006, 15.5% in 2001)
  • Uniting Church has dropped by 14.9% (5.7% in 2006, 6.7% in 2001)
  • Presbyterians have dropped by 11.8%: (3.0% in 2006. 3.4% in 2001)

There are now just as many Anglicans as there are people of no religion. That'll be the subject of some interesting sermons in the next few months.


David Castor said...

So what does that mean in the context of the mission of the Sydney Diocese?

Ross said...

The statistics for the Uniting Church are interesting. It has been remarked elsewhere that the Uniting Church has a reputation for being liberal in its theology. Part of the thinking behind this is an attempt to make Christianity more appealing to unchurched people, and so draw them into the denomination, helping it to grow. It would appear that this hasn't worked, because rather than growing, they're actually declining.

David Castor said...

Well, the statistics are quite devastating for the Uniting Church, but I think that it's pretty ungracious of you to suggest that they are more liberal in their theology because they wanted to appeal more to unchurched people.

Ross said...

David, I should point out that my point about the Uniting Church isn't my personal view, but one that I've read in an article in The Briefing, which is a magazine published by Matthias Media, which has ties with the Anglican Diocese of Sydney. How sloppy of me not to make this point in my first post...