It's like a cyclone here!

It has been raining really hard for the last hour, and I mean REALLY hard. The street outside is a river and about 30 minutes ago it started to thunder. Add to this the complete rainstorm and windstorm we've been having in the last 12 hours and you can understand. Now it has been hailing. I haven't seen weather like this for nearly 20 years.

According to the weather bureau, it has dropped just under 33mm in the last hour (1.3 inches for my American friends).

Now I can hear sirens. Another accident? Perhaps a tree on someone's roof. What an interesting day. I love this sort of weather!

Update 1.01pm
Temperature has dropped too. Was 16.2 degrees C (61.2 F) at 11.00am. Now it is 9.7 degrees C (49.5 F)

Update 1.15pm
The official weather bureau records show that at 12.00pm, Newcastle had had 6.2mm (0.24 inches) of rain in the previous 3 hours. Between 12.00pm and 1pm, an additional 45.8mm (1.8 inches) of rain fell. Everything is calm now. No wind. No rain. Must be in the eye. Temperature 9.1 C / 48.4 F

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