Thwarting Barry Bonds

Barry Bonds is some dude in America who plays baseball. He's a bit controversial at the moment because apparently everyone knows he takes steroids yet he is on track to break some home-run record that Hank Aaron has at the moment.

Wil Wheaton has an ingenious solution to pay the guy back and make sure this steroid abusing player doesn't get the record:

I have this great idea (which has nothing at all to do with me being a Dodger fan, I swear, really,) to restore our faith in the game: for the rest of the season, whenever Barry* comes to the plate, every single team in Major League Baseball pitches around him, regardless of the game situation. When he is finally forced out of the game for being a lying sack of shit and a cheater, Hank Aaron's record finally falls to someone with class who earned the title.

It's the perfect plan. Bulletproof, really. [mustache twirl]
For those of us who are not baseball fans (like me), pitching "around" a player essentially means that the batter is deliberately "walked". In other words, Bonds will just get walked every time he goes out to bat and will never be able to get bat on ball. I think it is a good plan.

And thanks to Josh for "thwarting" on Sunday too...

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