A sad reflection on Southern Baptists

Despite being neither Baptist nor American, it is nevertheless obvious that the Southern Baptist Convention is important in the overall direction of the Christian faith generally, which is why I care.

The SBC had a recent convention where they passed all sorts of stupid stuff (such as resolving, yet again, their unbiblical stance on the consumption of alcohol) and refused to pass intelligent stuff (such as taking unbelievers off the church rolls).

This quote, from "Baptist Blogger", is telling:

The Southern Baptist Convention has relegated Christian liberty in Christ to confessional oblivion and those who are willing to engage seriously in a discussion of its meaning and limit are characterized as an ungodly, immoral, unholy, and impure bunch of bootleggers peddling liquid licentiousness. Yet when the stars and stripes are waved, or "God Bless America" is sung, tears roll down cheeks and hands are lifted high.

We are, it seems, no different that the German Church at the close of the Weimar Republic. Nationalism is our religion. The Gospel is now emptied of its power to set the captives free. This disturbs me more than the resolution itself. In fact, I could have stomached two years of the runner-up much easier than to stand in the convention hall and watch my fellow messengers rise to their feet when the death of Al-Zarquawi is announced. A soul is sent to hell, and we do not grieve. We cheer.

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