Al Mohler says nothing again

As many of you know, Al Mohler is my bestest friend in the whole wide world.

Recently, the Southern Baptist Convention met in Greensboro. It was a controversial conference to say the least, with the rise of "Baptist Bloggers" being seen as one of the reasons why Frank Page, and not Ronnie Floyd, was elected president of the SBC.

I've been reading many of these Baptist bloggers recently and there has been a number of issues that they have raised as being rather important:

1. The re-affirmation of the SBC's stance on alcohol, namely that a resolution was passed which pretty much stated that Christians shouldn't drink alcohol. Most of the bloggers I have read are arguing that this position of the SBC - something they have maintained for probably over a century - is biblically untenable.

2. The refusal to examine the issue of integrity in church membership, namely "honesty in reporting" membership by striking off unbelievers and non-attenders from church rolls. The fact that this is not done means that a) Baptist membership statistics are continually over-inflated and not representative of the true situation, and b) many Baptist churches are reporting falsehoods, which is obviously a moral problem.

So what does Al Mohler do? He starts up a special blog called "Conventional Thinking" where he is now posting his thoughts on the recent meeting in Greensboro and the issues that have come out of it.

Except, of course, that he isn't even bothering to address the thoughts and influence of the Baptist bloggers. It's only early days yet, but I reckon Mohler won't even touch the issue of abstinence, integrity in church membership, Frank Page's controversial election and the influence of blogs.

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ckjolly said...

no ... he probably won't.

it's a baptist politics thing. if he speaks out against the majority of SBCers ... Southern Seminary could lose major funding from benefactors.

check out http://sbtsblogs.net

a bunch of us students are a part of this blog network

you'll find the majority of us agree with you