James Earl Carter Jr. - not too bad after all

Former President Jimmy Carter has got to be the most maligned American president in history. I studied his administration for a university course on American history and, I gotta tell you, no one would've suvived the presidency from 1977-1980.

Now it appears that Carter's star is rising again. George Conway, one of the most Republicanist of Republicans, has stated "Frankly, speaking of incompetence, I think (the Bush) Administration is the most politically and substantively inept that the nation has had in over a quarter of a century."

A quarter of a century is 25 years, and 2006 minus 25 is 1981 - the year Reagan's first term started. So Conway is essentially saying that Bush Jr. is the worst since Carter.

Carter's adminstration was nobbled by his own party, which used its congressional power to assert itself against the president's wishes. He brought some level of peace to the Middle East, despite the fact that innocent Americans were taken hostage. He called himself a born-again Christian. He also managed to fend off a killer rabbit stalking his boat.

By contrast, Bush's administration was served completely by his own party, treating him as king and doing most things according to his will. Bush has brought war and instability to the Middle East, despite the fact that innocent Arabs were taken hostage and tortured by CIA cells. Like Carter, he calls himself a born-again Christian but somehow managed to survive the deadly attack of a killer pretzel.

History will judge Carter kindly as time goes by, and Bush much less so.

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Craig Schwarze said...

Reminds me of that Simpson's episode when Springfield gets a statue of Jimmy Carter...

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