As if I need to point this out

Rolling Stone Magazine is running a major article entitled The Worst President in History? - One of America's leading historians assesses George W. Bush. The article pretty much shows that Bush is probably "down there with the worst".

Meanwhile, a Fox poll (18-19 April 2006) has Bush approval ratings at 33%, with a 57% disapproval rate.

As we know, approval ratings do not necessarily prove how "bad" a president is, as Harry Truman's example shows. But, when you factor in Richard Nixon, such polls can show how terrible such a president is.

I'm just hoping that there's enough intelligent people within the Republican Party who will cross the floor and vote for impeachment. If they don't more fool them. Within ten years I guarantee that many conservative commentators will label Bush as "the president who destroyed the conservative movement".


Craig Schwarze said...

These things are so subjective though - what value are they really?

If we could get a set of objective criteria, and an agreed way to measure them, then I would start listening...

Theteak said...

That's the Rolling Stone that's controlled by conservatives?