Dream Experiment

I've been coming down with a stomach flu over the last two days - not a pretty thing to suffer from let me tell you.

So as a result I didn't accompany the family this morning to church and instead went back to sleep to let my body battle the invaders as best they could.

But what dreams! Probably the best ones for years.

The first was a confusion with time. Every so often I would wake up and check the time... but then I would go back to sleep and dream that I would wake up and check the time. This meant that the time varied widely between 10.00am and 11.30am, confusing me no end.

Then, at one point, I could hear a shower running and Aiden, my son, came to the door of the bedroom wanting me to play computer games with me. Then I woke up and he wasn't there. I went back to sleep and the shower started again, and Aiden came to door again and started bothering me. Eventually it sort of dawned on me that Aiden was at church and this figure wasn't really there so I said to him "Look, you're not real. You don't exist. Go away and turn that shower off." I didn't see him, or hear the shower, again after that point.

Then I was walking along a road past some houses (it was actually to the north of the M4 freeway overpass between Parramatta and Merrylands) when I spotted a school bag with some paper in it. I picked it up and as I walked along I pulled the paper out - it was a newspaper. "Ah ha!" thinks me, "One of the best ways to work out whether this is a dream or not is to see whether or not the words change on the page as I read it". So I look very hard at the title of the newspaper, which is "Mattarra" or "Pattara" or something. So then I begin reading the section below it and it is all about Star Wars. As I read about Star Wars I suddenly decide to re-check the title of the newspaper again. Bingo! Instead of it reading "Mattarra"/"Pattarra" it reads "Sith". This obviously means I am in a dream, thinks me. Then I begin to theorise (within the dream) about the link between the newspaper title and the article about Star Wars. At no point did I read the word "Sith" so therefore my brain (the subconcious bit) picked out a random word associated with the topic my (semi-concious) mind was involved with. Yes - all this intellectual musing within an actual dream. Convinced that the paper proved that I was in dreamland, I then threw it away and continued walking along the road.

Fun times with a stomach bug. Fortunately I haven't "moved" for about 18 hours.

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