Bush Answers my Questions!

I just don't believe this. One of the White House press corps has obviously picked up my list of Christian questions to ask George W. Bush. Obviously I can't post the entire section here but Dan Froomkin of the Washington Post directly asked the President three of the questions that I had written:


...and that's why we need to be resolute in our efforts. Next question. Dan.

Q Good Morning Mr. President, I have...

PRES. BUSH: You're that guy from the Washington Post aren't you?

Q Yes sir. I have a number of questions for you that I found on the internet that concern your Christian faith, do you mind if

PRES. BUSH: You know I don't mind if you ask me these things but you got to realize that there are more important matters on the table here.

Q: I understand sir but I'd like...

PRES. BUSH: I mean we're not here to discuss the ins and outs of pinheads here. I mean we don't need to split hairs. You see the fact is that I gave my life to Jesus Christ. He changed my heart. I've said this many times before I don't understand why it is why you need to hear more about this.

Q: Well many of your followers are Christian and churchgoing people and I think that they might be interested to hear more about the faith of the president they support. These, these questions aren't hard ones about angels on pinheads but

PRES. BUSH: Angels where?

Q: On pinheads, you know the old medieval...

PRES. BUSH: That's pretty funny. I never heard that before (laughter). That's okay Dan ask away.

Q: Well the first question is this: If you died tonight and stood before God, and he said to you "Why should I let you into heaven", what would you say?

PRES. BUSH: (Pause) Whew that's a good one! (laughter) Well Dan I, I mean that when you look at Jesus, I reckon, well, well I certainly don't plan on dying tonight (laughter). You know I got these Marines here at the Whitehouse and they're armed to the teeth so you'd have to be pretty lucky to get a good shot at me.

Q: Well the question doesn't talk about how you die, I mean if you die...

PRES. BUSH: Oh you mean like if I had a heart attack or something?

Q: Yes

PRES. BUSH: Whew! (laughter) Do you know something I don't know Dan? (laughter) My Doctor does a checkup on me every week, it's a pain in the ass I know (laughter). He says I'm okay, so... what's your question?

Q: Well I'll move on to the second one. Do you think that sincere, devout and peaceful Muslims go to heaven when they die?

PRES. BUSH: Are you from the ACLU or something? (laughter)


Naturally I am completely over the moon about this. Please see the full Whitehouse press transcript here:



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Most. Brilliant. Post. Evar.

Admittedly, I didn't read it on April Fool's Day, but you really had me going.