Scott Adams is the creator of Dilbert. He also has a blog. Today's article is entitled "Results of Why I’m Stupid", where he says this:

2. Turn someone’s factual statements into implied preferences. For example, if someone mentions that not all Catholic priests are pedophiles, accuse the person who said it of siding with pedophiles.
So, here's a fictional conversation for you:

Man #1: My sister died last week, in a car crash.
Man #2: Was Saddam Hussein involved in her death?
Man #1: Of course not! Why would he be? He had nothing to do with it!
Man #2: So you support Saddam Hussein do you?

and this:

Man #3: America is in Iraq fighting terrorists.
Man #4: But Iraq had nothing to do with terrorism until after America invaded.
Man #3: So you support terrorism then?

Scott Adams also had this to say:

1. Turn someone’s generality into an absolute. For example, if someone makes a general statement that Americans celebrate Christmas, point out that some people are Jewish and so anyone who thinks that ALL Americans celebrate Christmas is stupid. (Bonus points for accusing the person of being anti-Semitic.)
You could also turn this around and turn someone's absolute into a generality, such as:

Man #5: America's politicians are responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of Iraqis.
Man #6: I'm an American! Are you blaming me for this?

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