Paris Riots show superiority of America

I have to admit it - America is superior to Europe in one important area: Rioting.

I mean, look at these latest riots in and around Paris. Do these Frenchies know anything? Maybe it's their consumption of snails and frogs legs that have taken away the mojo of their youth. I mean seriously - setting fire to cars... how hard is that? It's taken them 14 days and there's been only one death. The French president hasn't even called the troops out.

America has a long and proud history of destructive riots that puts pretenders like France to shame. So many effeminate French-loving commentators have pointed out that this riot is "like the May 1968 riots" in France. It's probably true - about as true as pointing out that the Denver Broncos were a great team in the 1980s.

What I mean is this - French riots are like soufflé, they look good on the outside but when you look at them closely you realise it is just full of hot air. No. If you want a good, meaty and satisfying riot, you gotta go to the States.

You're not convinced? As I said, these current riots in France have killed one person so far. A tragedy? Yes. But heck, in America, more people die going to school these days. The 1992 LA riots are the best comparison to what is going on, and more people were killed in a shorter time in 1992 than anything those French pretenders have achieved in the last few weeks. I mean, have you seen any French coffee-shop owners defending their businesses with shotguns? I don't think so.

"Yes, but you don't understand that this is like the 1968 riots in France" says one of these French-loving castrato-bloggers. Well, I got news for you pal - the 1968 riots didn't come close to anything America had at the time either.

If you look at the evidence that piles up about the 1968 French riots you discover a few things - the first is that, like now, the riots went on for an interminably long time. Secondly, the rioters even then didn't know how to go crazy and kill lots of people. I mean, only one person died in 1968 too! Oh, it caused an election did it? Well boo hoo, those French give up on everything don't they?

Here's some more facts for you purse-carrying nancy boys. After MLK was killed in 1968, there was a riot in Baltimore. What was the result of this made-in-America riot? 6 dead, 700 injured. That amount would've been greater if the 82nd Airborne hadn't been called in. At the same time, riots broke out in Washington. 12 dead, 1087 injured. Marines mounted machine guns on the steps of the Capitol and Army troops from the 3rd Infantry guarded the White House.

And check out what current French President Jacques Chirac has said:
When the time is right and order has been re-established, all the lessons will have to be drawn from this crisis, and with a lot of courage and lucidity... We need to respond strongly and quickly to the undeniable problems which many inhabitants of the deprived neighbourhoods surrounding our cities are facing. (BBC)

Does that sound like a man with guts? Or does it sound like a cheese-eating surrender monkey? The French don't have a word for "shoot the rioters", something J. Edgar Hoover suggested in Washington in 1968.

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Ah, American exceptionalism at it's finest.