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A link to this blogsite has been removed from Phil Johnson's Pyromaniac site.

Phil has been re-arranging his blogroll and quite a number of links have been placed in different categories. Fide-o has been moved from "Stellar" to "Exceptional", while mine has moved from "Entertaining" to, well, gone.

I'll be honest - I was as surprised as anyone to be linked from Phil's blogroll. It was certainly a highlight of my blogging "career" thus far. That he has chosen to remove me is his prerogative.

I suspect it is due mainly to my political blogging. Being a "lefty" has meant that much of my blogging has been very anti-Bush of late - a stance that is not exactly in tune with American evangelicals. Phil blogs mainly on theology - politics do not enter into his blogging at all. Maybe I should blog more on theological issues...

Moreover, a few months ago I emailed Phil with a particular issue I was dealing with and his reply was sensitive and wise. Phil owes me nothing, I owe Phil a great deal. It was always a "bonus" for me to be on his blogroll.

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