Buzz Lightyear - man ahead of his times

I just want you to know that even
though you tried to terminate me,
revenge is not an idea we promote
on my planet.

Oh. Oh, that's good.

(getting in Woody's face)
But we're not on my planet, are we?

- From Toy Story (1995)

I am continuously amused at the thought that people actually believe that the Constitution - a document that in essence is a contract between Americans about how Americans run and are treated by America and other Americans - has any practical application to citizens of any other country, let alone those who have sworn to attack and destroy the US. I'm near hysterical with laughter at the realization that many of the same people who insist that we extend basic rights, legal representation, and other elements of the bill of rights to non-citizens are at the same time appalled by the idea that the US would, as a matter of foreign policy, encourage democracy and representative government.

- A Christian Blogger

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