BLBeamer said...

Does Hitler have a beard in that photo?

One Salient Oversight said...

He could do. Actually he looks like John Cleese.

How's your wife?

Ron Lankshear said...

No - I zoomed - No beard but his hair looks awful - too much brylcream

Sadly he never needed an Applause sign - the mob cheered whatever

Ron Lankshear said...

Here he is at his worst

YouTube - Adolf Hitler - Closing Ceremony - Triumph of the Will

Shows Hess at the start but does not have Hess over the top intro

And then this has subtitles and his original SLOW mumbling opening
YouTube - Hitler - Mein Kampf (documentary) First speech as chancelor.

BLBeamer said...

She's doing better, much thanks. She came home today about 6:30 pm. That was a scary episode.

She will be on warfarin therapy for some time and must refrain from strenuous activity for several weeks.

How did you find out, from Uneducated Housewife? I tried emailing you but I discovered I may have used an out of date address.

Ron Lankshear said...

Very pleased to hear Uneducated is improved. They tried me on warfarin but it made me have more clots as I have a funny blood condition which the problem helped diagnose - so I am on daily injection of clexane a heparin. Which is good as Warfarin needs careful monitoring to get the does correct.

BLBeamer said...

Ron - Thanks for your good wishes. But it is Mrs. Beamer who is ill. It was Uneducated Housewife who anounced Mrs. Beamer's illness on her blog.

Mrs. Beamer has Factor V Leiden. Despite what Wikipedia says, I don't know if I would call it a disorder - it's a genetic condition and everyone knows Mrs. Beamer is perfect genetically.