Space 1999 - The Lambda Factor

"Okay. We do have the machine that goes 'ping'. But where's the patient?"

A disembodied head begins to eat a B&W TV.

Before starring in a hit series of computer games, Mario worked on Moonbase Alpha.

"Which one is the Turkish Delight?"

21st Century VCR maintenance.

It's about to blow up. We know this because it's gone red.

"It also says here that Nick Tate will star in an episode of Star Trek - The Next Generation."

A gigantic paisley fan attacks Moonbase Alpha.

Deborah Fallender perfects the "Diabolically evil" look.

A desperate extra gets his 1.5 seconds of fame.

A hideous, ugly extra manages to sneak onto the set without anyone noticing.

And here's a picture of a caterpillar.

Tony desperately tries to free the caterpillar from the futuristic plastic box of death.

Commander Koenig, however, is unable to rescue the metal ball from the perspex box of death.

Moonbase Alpha's high fibre diet begins its inevitable after-effects.

"What the hell did I have for Lunch? Sausages in a Metamucil sauce?"

Tony, however, had refused the high fibre diet and suffered the consequences.

Frank uses the power of his mind to raise his right hand.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

LOL ... my favourite character is carolyn, she's soooo evil :O
hmmmm ... i wonder if their century 21 technology can fix my vista pc?