Space 1999 - A Matter of Balance

A disembodied head floats in the corner of some poor girl's room on Moonbase Alpha.

"I'm too sexy for this room, too sexy for this room, boom boom boom..."

"Dang it! I keep forgetting to remove the drill bit from the lens of this digital camera! "

Warning. Studying the theory of money creation can do awful things to your body.

Maya completes her sophisticated gang tag.

The advantage of cross breeding flowers with Cannabis.

"Oh no! I think I put the eye in upside down..."

"Laugh not at my superior clothing mortals!"

"Commander! Your flatulence problem is getting serious!"

This is a disturbing image.

This is an even more disturbing image...

Just another 1970s fondue party about to get underway...

Space 1999 - A Matter of Balance

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

LOL! "This is a disturbing image... no, THIS is a really #$%^&! disturbing image!"

I'm going to have to pour Domestos into my eyeballs.

Now here's a thing: I thought at least one caption should have read: "Pink... why did the Commander's ground suit have to be... pink!"