I've had it with Blogger

I've been having problems for about 2 years now - blogger seems to find it very hard coping with Firefox on Linux. I had just written about 1000 words on an important subject and Firefox crashed, losing all the info. This has happened before when I was using early versions of Firefox. Since I seem to have no problems accessing other blog sites I'm going to assume the problem is with blogger.

So at some point in the future I am going to migrate to another blog type.

Any suggestions of where to go? Wordpress? Typepad?


Chris Watkins said...

I like Livejournal - I don't post much, more often leaving comments on other blogs, and I like the fact that comments are threaded, and it notifies me of replies to my comments - but not to all replies to the original post. Also that I can respond from within the email that sends the notification. These features presumably helps to create the more active conversations and community that I observe there...

Plus there's some interesting people in the development field who blog there and I like the fact that I can keep track of them all easily with my "friends" page. Okay, there's plenty of interesting people elsewhere, but keeping track of them isn't as convenient.

Anonymous said...

(In your best cutesy annoying voice of the "little guy" in Madagascar)...

"I love blogger.
I loved blogger before I even knew it was called blogger.
I love blogger so much you HATE blogger compared to how much I love blogger".

Blogger works!

Just save as a draft more, and if that fails, write in OpenOffice and then save, adding links last.

It works Neil.
"Keep it together man!"

I have linked to your economics and peak oil articles all over cyberspace. Don't do it.

Have a Tim Tam Slam, and relax for a day. You'll eventually come back to that piece you were writing with a clear mind.

Nothing is crash-proof. Nothing. Just use slightly more careful systems and you'll be OK.

Anonymous said...

Again, "Don't do it man!"

Or as Gold Leader said,
"Stay on target".

This is your home.
You know this.
Nothing is crash-proof.
You'd regret moving.