Things on my mind

1. Family has had the 'flu since Friday.
2. I have had the 'flu since yesterday.
3. Hot weather makes me itch, badly - especially in the morning after I wake up. Night-time temps need to drop below 20
°C for me to have a good sleep.
4. New evening service at Church.
5. Aiden in his third week at school.
6. I feel everything I have been saying about George Bush has been said and is being slowly proven in the last few weeks.
7. The world we live in has the "the calm before the storm" feeling.
8. Psychocandy (The Jesus and Mary Chain).
9. Wasting away with my potential unmet.
10. Why do Aussie Cricketers now have trophy wives? (with the notable exception of Brad Hodge)
11. Saturday Cricket - my first regular sporting activity since 1987 - has been thoroughly enjoyable, not least because our team has been winning. My goals for this season are: to get into double figures; to hit a boundary. My friend Tom took 8-31 on Saturday - his best ever bowling figures - and I took a catch off his bowling, which was my first catch this season.
12. Ripped my CD collection - 13.2 GB. One day I will get a portable player too.
13. My friend Tom (8-31) has started work as a teacher again and will probably move house and church later this year.
14. Before the flu hit, I was averaging around 11,500 steps per day.


Craig Schwarze said...

What would you have to do to feel you have fulfilled your potential?

Paul W said...

Like Craig, I have that question too Neil. By the way, good to see you back online. Sorry to hear about your flu.