Secular Humanists to blame for Sea Level "rise"

(For Steve Camp and Douglas Burtt)

It has been reported that the Pacific island of Tonga has recorded a 10cm rise in sea levels in the past 13 years.

We Christians need to resist the use of scientific instrumentation to make such spurious claims. These instruments were created by unbelievers who think nothing of honouring God, and of putting forward so called "facts" that fit their atheistic, evolutionary, secular, humanistic, satanistic, communistic preconceptions.

Every objective and reasonable person knows that "Global Warming" is just a theory, and that there are ample amounts of evidence that shoot holes through the mangled plastic bag that holds the putrid, polluted water of the theory in place. These so called "theorists" (a radical and activist minority within the world community) actually argue that if all the ice caps melt, all the dry land in the entire world will be covered by water!

We need to remember that, as Christians, God is in control over the creation, and has promised that another world-wide flood will not occur! (Genesis 9:15) More than that, cursory study by reputable scientists indicate that, even if all the ice caps and ice sheets melt, there would never be enough water to cover all dry land on the earth! Yet another blow to these global warming theorists.

(By the way - did anyone ever see that film Waterworld with Kevin Costner? That was funded partly by organisations with ties to the global warming community)

Can we trust these people, these "envronmentalists", to make rational decisions for us? I think not. I have nothing against clean air and water, controlled growth, and organic farming. I'm all for good stewardship of God's creation. But the close association of environmentalism with unrepentant socialism and paganism is a stench in my nostrils. In my heart I'd rather burn the planet down than hand it over to such ruffians.

From the Department of Attempted Humour and Biting Satire.

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Anonymous said...

Absolutely OSO.
The other important factor to remember here is our personal worry. Commands to be loving and considerate, to share our resources, to “tend the garden” carefully and plan wisely are all-good, but the most important commandment to obey in the whole entire bible is not to worry! Matt 6 is without a doubt the most important biblical imperative we have. Indeed, if planning compassionately for the needs of others and “loving them” in this way causes one to occasionally WORRY, it would be so much better to avoid the temptation and just not care about other people in the first place. WORRY is where the rubber hits the road, the cows come home to roost, and what goes around comes back to haunt you.

Many Christian farmers do not realise that they are in danger of apostasy because they disobey Matt 6 so flagrantly. Just consider the dangerous activities they engage in! They think about the future, they plan a year or 2 ahead for life on their farm and providing bread and meat for our cities, and they even come up with backup financial plans should it not rain as they need. Such negative scenario’s just HAS to involve some degree of worry!

Now, I have heard some Christians saying we should also be thinking about and planning for the end of cheap oil, aka peak oil! If peak oil is not a magnet for such destructive activities as anxiety attacks, worry, and even long term thinking, then I don’t know what is! Some Christians have even argued that it is unfair how much oil the west gets compared to the rest. Now I admit that at first it looks unfair. One hyper-power consumes 25% of the world’s oil yet only has about 2% within their own borders. It appears to be an outrage at first, until you realise that so many Christians in America really NEED their SUV to do drive through McDonald’s, otherwise how are they to eat?

And if they can’t turn oil petrochemicals into plastic flamingos for the front lawn, or super-soaker water guns for Little Johnie, then civilization as we know it might collapse. We can’t have that now can we?

Some Christians argue that the wisdom literature advises godliness in stewardship and wisdom in learning to operate within the finite realities of this world. There are only 24 hours in a day, there is only so much rainfall in a year to grow crops, blah blah blah. Now while there might be some very practical advice about living within the rules and limitations God builds into this world, and some verses even SEEM to advise contingency planning in case some "farming" scenarios do not work out as you had planned, we must remember that worry is forbidden! Indeed, as WORRY is the worst sin imaginable, I am beginning to see a strong argument that we cannot THINK long term because it might cause us to worry!

Matt 6 says it all, we simply trust God and everything will be OK. Christians are therefore not to apply any other thinking, or bring any other parts of the bible to bear on the broader environmental and ecological energy crisis. We are responsibly obeying God ONLY when we walk boldly and blindly into the future. Indeed, those Christians that imply otherwise just have not realised the obvious — Matt 6 actually says we are immune from the laws of thermodynamics!

So don't worry, be happy, and boldly march forward in consumer happiness and don't WORRY, or those worry cows might come home to roost.