Super Bowl censorship issues

Oh my goodness! The Rolling Stones, singing songs that have been broadcast for 25-30 years, have had "certain" lyrics censored by the 5 second delay! These pernicious rocksters need to be stopped for using such terrible culture destroying words just in case the audience is damaged.

On another note, apparently the "Lingerie Bowl" (featuring models playing football and dressed in helmets, shoulder pads and not much else) was a wild success among the viewers.


Tom Hinkle said...

I suppose the offending line, at least the one I noticed, was from "Start Me Up" (you make a dead man ...) The problem, at least to me, is that "Start Me Up" is the most overrated song in the Stones' repertoire. I can think of about 30 RS songs that are better than that one.

Anonymous said...

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