I keep forgetting to mention that David Tomkins, a.k.a. Apodeictic, came and visited some time before Christmas. He slept a night in our loungeroom, and we talked theology, politics and watched The Big Lebowski. It was a thoroughly enjoyable time and it was nice to meet another one of my blog lurkers.

If you are reading this and live in Oxford, make sure you give Dave a call and invite him 'round for dinner or something. He's welcome back here any time he wants.

Oh... and David, have you made actual contact with Michael "I don't believe in Limited Atonement" Jensen yet?


apodeictic said...

Thanks for the flattering remarks OSO, not to mention revealing my secret idenity >:-< Operations of importance to international security have now been compromised which leaves me no other option than to relocate and assume a different identity :-p Btw, should I take the title of your blog entry ('casuistic') as a subtle jibe at my choice of moniker ('apodeictic')?

I had a great time hanging out with OSO and family in Newcastle last December. Despite some suspect political views combined with unusual predilections (what kind of person has a Karl Marx University coffee mug at the top of his wishlist?), OSO is a thoroughly decent and kind-hearted bloke who selfessly opened up his home to me on my the drive up from the Blue Mountains to SE Queensland.

In answer to your question: yeah, I've seen MpJ. He actually is in Oxford. Listing Oxford as his location wasn't just just some cunning plot to try to make him seem brainier and increase the credibility of his blogposts :-) And he's not nearly such a bad chap once you meet him in the flesh :-)

We went to G&D's (a typical Oxford student haunt -- http://www.dailyinfo.co.uk/food/rest/georgedavis.htm) in Little Clarendon Street, each partook of a caffeinated beverage (in his case espresso and in mine a large hot chocolate since I'm not a coffee drinker) and chatted about all kinds of weird and wonderful things. I might soon be offering him some private tutoring in a certain language, but I'm not sure whether he's willing to pay me for my services or whether I would be doing it 'ehrenamtlich' :-) I suspect the latter.

Hooroo from Oxford,

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