Some interesting blogspots

I rarely do blogspots - which is sad since I spend more time reading other people's blogs than writing my own.

Michael Spencer, the Internet Monk, is one of the most infuriating Christian bloggers. One the one hand, he is everything that I am not - a political conservative and a borderline theological liberal - but on the other he is capable of writing pieces that I just find fantastic. His current blog about the Chad Allen furore is an example of this.

Tom Hinkle has a piece about the same subject. In fact it is so close to what Michael has written that I'm wondering who has copied who, or if there is some redactor present.

Tim Challies has come out of the closet... and told everyone that he is a fan of Oswald Chambers. I might be straining at gnats here, but I became very wary of Chambers' teachings years ago. Tim is positively reviewing a book that I actually own and have used to try to discern Chambers' particular brand of holiness theology. While it is not surprising to be told that this particular book was promoted by Christian Musicians, I would have thought that Tim would have understood that the Holiness Movement that Chambers was a part of has some serious theological problems, which in turn makes it hard to support any growth of godliness that these people seem to promote. For Tim to say "The guy was a bit dodgy theologically but he is great for getting us to be godly" (my paraphrase) is to separate orthodoxy from orthopraxis. So, with my tongue set firmly in my humourless Calvinist cheek, I now condemn Tim Challies to hell.

Frazzled Sister is a young-ish Christian woman I bumped into at One Veteran's Voice and is giving some very good responses to some of my points raised over there.


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