Any cartoonists out there?

I can't draw very well, and I have no ability to create anything with help from my computer. I suppose I could try but it would take me ages.

But I've just thought of a great new comic strip that is lefty-political in tone. I've come up with two strips already with the dialogue. If you'd like to be my cartoonist, please contact me. No money will be made (it'll come under a creative commons license)

C'mon! I've made about a dozen now, and they are all scientifically proven to be hilarious.


CraigS said...

try this - http://www.stripgenerator.com/

One Salient Oversight said...

Tried it - didn't like it. The artwork just didn't work for me, and the characters they had looked awful for what I was trying to achieve

Anonymous said...

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