Now THIS is real spooky

Just worked this out myself, but:

Yesterday in Queensland a 21 year old woman was killed by a shark. The name of the place she was killed? Amity Point.

In 1975, the film Jaws was released. The name of the island terrorised by the shark? Amity Island.

(insert spooky music)


Paul W said...

Hi Neil,

Happy New Year. This story seems rather disturbing in many ways. Apparently, the woman cried out that she was being attacked but people ignored her, thinking she was playing around.

By the way, thanks for posting your sermons. When I checked my RSS feed of your blog, the number of new entries I received from you started to increase like numbers on a petrol pump! I am one who reads sermon transcripts, mainly as models and examples.

One Salient Oversight said...

Given the rarity of shark attacks, the reaction of people around her (who were friends from her church) is actually understandable.

Sorry 'bout the blog pumping! One of the reasons why I created the blog was so I could have my sermons transcripts out there for everyone to see - and I had been slack so I managed to get them all in during a 60 minute period on Saturday.

I hope you enjoy them. Do you think 25 sermons on 1 John is enough?