What happens when Conservatives get convinced by Climate Change?

They don't stop being conservatives, they start advocating a carbon tax:
Taking stock of our conservative principles and America’s energy and climate challenges, E&EI believes that the solution is an energy policy which:

  • Eliminates all subsidies for all fuels;
  • Attaches all costs to all fuels;
  • and Ensures revenue neutrality to prevent the growth of government

A sensible solution is a revenue-neutral tax swap, accompanied by a phase-out of all energy subsidies. A tax swap would, dollar for dollar, ratchet down anti-growth income taxes and shift the tax onto carbon pollution: Tax the bad, quit taxing the good, and let the free-enterprise system deliver the fuels of the future.
Despite my position on the left hand side of the political spectrum, I have always believed that a number of conservative beliefs are worth keeping. The solution proposed by E&EI is probably not enough to solve the whole problem of global warming, but it is a healthy start, and one that comes from a side of politics that seems all too willing to deny science.

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