God's Grace and the Manson "Family"

One of the most horrific crimes of the 20th century was the murders of Sharon Tate and her friends by the Charles Manson "family" in August 1969.

It may sound a cliche, but in the midst of this horrific evil, God has been working amongst two of the four murderers who are still in jail today, as well as other former "family" members:

Charles Watson, was born again in the mid 1970s. Even though he blames Manson as being ultimately responsible for the murders, Watson does not shirk from his own personal responsibility. Read his story here.

Susan Atkins became a Christian in the mid 1970s. Her website is here.

Diane Lake, a member of the "family" but not a participant in the killings, has also been converted.

As has Catherine Share, another "family" member who did not participate in the killings.

Bruce Davis was involved in a separate killing by the family, and now has a doctorate in theology and is a prison chaplain.

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