Decapitation and longevity?

This is a weird post, so bear with me.

When some gets their head cut off, they can remain conscious for about a minute before they die. The reasons for their death are obvious - the head (and brain) cannot survive long without blood and oxygen.

But I was just wondering if it is possible for a decapitated head to be hooked up to a machine that functions as an artificial heart - transfused blood is cleaned by a dialysis machine, aerated, filled with nutrients and then pumped into the head where it keeps the brain alive and then pumped out again to go through the entire process again.

Will the head stay alive?


Theteak said...

Give it a try.

Anonymous said...

Try The Science Forum for this one. They'd love to discuss something that bizarre.

But why would someone want to have their bodiless head saved when you'd end up like Lister from Red Dwarf.
(Leading to Rimmer's classic line, "Oh dear.")

And why would you want to live anyway when This Energy Watch Group PDF conclusively proves that we are hitting peak coal by 2025?

And even if one did get the brain hooked up to the above-mentioned wonder-machine, would it work correctly, or would it suffer from "peak brain" and get ever diminishing returns of intellectual activity from intellectual input?