Wikipedia story game

Based (badly) on one of those silly story games like the one going on here. More...

The rules I'm setting up for myself are simple. Go to Wikipedia, hit the random article button, and begin a story based on that article. After 2-3 sentences, hit the random article button again, and continue the story based on what you find in the next random article. The name of the new article does not have to be mentioned, but a link must be provided.

Here goes:

George Douglas Campbell, sat drinking a cup of Earl Grey tea in the drawing room. His servant, Phillip, had retired for the day, complaining of an illness and leaving him to fend for himself. At least it wasn't as bad as that war in Afghanistan he was involved with, he thought ruefully to himself.

Suddenly there was a knock at the front door. For a moment Campbell waited for the expected sounds of Phillip going to the door, but remembered regreatfully that he was ill and unable to help. Putting down his tea, he got up and walked to the door. He opened it, and standing in front of him was a young woman in an attractive dress... but with a disturbing amount of hair visible above his mouth. "Hellooooo" the woman said in a deep booming male voice, "I am John Lind from Sweeeden. May I haf a vroom to sleep in toniyte?"

"Well, I suppose so", Campbell said, disturbed by the presence of this Swedish female impersonator. She walked in but motioned to the door. "Please be to pick up games cartridge?" she asked as she walked into the drawing room.

Campbell stooped over and picked up a small box that fitted into the palm of his hand. The surface was black but the box itself was made of a very light but rigid substance. On the top of the box was some paper, stuck to the box by some glue, with characters that Campbell thought were Japanese.

"Well, Mr, er.., miss Lind" Campbell stammered, "what is this device again?"

Lind had sat down next to the fire and had poured him/herself a cup of tea. "SaGa!" he said "my favourite Nintendo game".

There was another knock at the door. Campbell turned around and saw another man at the door.

"Hiya feller!" The man said, my name's Grant Dexter, I'm here to interview Miss Lind here for her upcoming tour of Canada. Nothing as interesting as her has come out of Sweden since Abba!"

"But.. wait.. please stay where you are" Campbell stammered, wishing that Phillip was there to shoo the intruder off.

"Sorry bud! Miss Lind is waiting" said Dexter, pushing past Campbell and entering the drawing room. "More tea please!" Lind called out in his low voice.

Campbell went into the kitchen and put some fresh water to boil on the stove. He also walked into his study and took out a revolver that he had in the bottom drawer of his bureau - the one that had served him well against the Afghans. Brandishing the weapon loosely, he walked into the drawing room.

Dexter and Lind were deep in conversation, but Lind seemed to be sprouting nonsense. "I went to the jamia where I asked people about the qiyas of their society. Susan the bint of the warraq said that I had committed fasiq against them. So, naturally, I was in trouble."

"It's okay Miss Lind", said Dexter, "I'm not only a record producer, I'm also a majority shareholder in Sears. I'll make sure we can whisk you away to safety from those horrible Afghans. More than that, I can get you some great new women's clothes, and at a bargain price!"

Suddenly another man came through the door. Campbell was dumbfounded.

"Who are all you people?" he cried out "And what are you doing here?"

"I'm George William Taylor" said the man at the door, "and I'm here to find that record company lowlife that didn't publish my spoken word record!"

"No one wants to hear a stupid Canadian politician speak about nothing!" cried Dexter

"You are ashamed of our country's heritage?" asked Taylor.

"No! I am just trying to make a living running a record company. Now if you excuse me I'm interviewing Miss Lind."

"Mr Campbell" cried out Miss/Mr Lind in a disturbingly low voice "Do you have a Nintendo machine? I am desperate to play Saga!"

"I have one Miss Lind" said Dexter. "I'll be back in a second"

"A cup of tea would be nice." said Taylor as he walked in to the drawing room.

Presently, Dexter came back with two strange looking boxes which Dexter explained were a Television and a Nintendo Machine. Since there were no power points in Campbell's house, Dexter and Taylor managed to jury-rig up a car battery to the two items.

The TV turned on.

Suddenly Campbell could hear the beautiful sounds of a violin. On the screen on the television he saw a man playing. Entranced by the man and the sound, he drew closer. Suddenly the screen went blank.

"Okay, Nintendo's plugged in" said Dexter.

As the two played Saga, Campbell stood transfixed, remembering the beautiful violin. Then Saga started, and Dexter and Lind began playing.

"Austrian violinists are wonderful aren't they?" Taylor asked a confused Campbell.

"I suppose so" Campbell stammered.

"I met one once when I was on the board at Capitol Records" he said "lovely chap he was. Dead now I think."

"I see Capitol didn't think much of your spoken word garbage either!" Dexter called out.

"I pronounce a Fasiq upon you!" cried Taylor.

Lind looked up.

"I have ze board of Sears now looking afvter me!" he/she said.

"Well I have an assassin who can pop a cap in your false ass!" said Taylor. He lives in Al Hudud ash Shamaliyah!


And that's ten - about as much as I can stand. It might end up being a funny thing to do, who knows?