Big Train "Visitors" Sketch

The "Visitors" sketch is probably my favourite moment from the "Big Train" comedy sketch series from the BBC. It's an absurd scenario that involves adultery, fornication and public embarrassment (which is, in the UK, worse than death).

The story begins this way. Bill and Emma are a married couple who have invited their friends Daniel and Sarah for dinner. Daniel and Sarah are late, having been stuck in traffic for many hours. The sketch starts when the couple finally arrive and Daniel indicates that he needs to use the toilet. From that point on, the scenario increasingly becomes absurd.

Bill, as you will see, represents us as we grapple with the absurdity of the situation. He is confused by, repulsed by and, eventually, attracted to the situation that unfolds.

This is Bill, confused at what is happening.

Bill's situation could easily be us - especially when he begins to accept the temptation on offer. But I'm not saying any more than that!

There's a lot of pictures on Flickr for you to go through - 84. I've arranged them in order and also made sure that pauses in the narrative are kept there for effect. Click here for the first picture. To the right of the picture in Flickr is a small thumbnail of the next picture. Just click on that and you will eventually get through it.

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