Only in Britain?

I've just discovered the Grobag Egg, now selling in the U.K.. It's like a night light except it glows a different colour according to the temperature. If it glows blue, it means its under 16 degrees C and thus too cold. If it glows yellow it means it is between 16-20 degrees C and is the right temperature. If it glows orange it means the room is between 21-24 degrees C and is too warm. If it glows red it means that it is over 24 degrees C and is considered "hot".

So what's the point of this device?

It's actually to put in the room where your baby is asleep in. The idea being that precious baby is more likely to die of SIDS in temperatures below 16 or higher than 20. As a result, concerned British parents everywhere are buying these egg thingys because if they don't then they'll be bad parents.

The problem is that here in Australia, night-time temperatures in summer quite often remain above 20 degrees C. Theoretically, this means that Australia's parents should keep air conditioning on all night to keep baby alive. They don't, of course. And I don't think that poor baby will be more likely to die if temperatures get above 20. SIDS is a problem in Australia too, but I don't think that Australia's summertime temperature causes greater than average cot deaths.

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