I had my second drink of Kava tonight. I found a supplier about 10 minutes walk away at a nearby fruit and veg shop.

In short - it tastes terrible. I have never drunk liquified horse manure but I think Kava would come close to that sort of taste. Even with the milk and chocolate syrup it tasted awful.

But it's not the taste that Kava drinkers are after, it's the effects. Even after the first mouthful I could feel my lips and tongue become numbed. But all the happiness and joy that people are supposed to feel after Kava consumption aren't there, but I certainly don't feel depressed or low.

When I first tried Kava last week I was looking forward to wonderful dreams and a restful sleep. That night I dreamt I was driving around in a large pot (like a cauldron) with coasters where each foot should be, with a large helium balloon keeping the vehicle light on the road. It wasn't the most weird dream I ever had (in fact, no dream comes close to my Greatest American Hero dream I had in 1986) and I didn't wake up smiling, but I certainly didn't wake up feeling bad.

I'll post below tomorrow to let you know of any effects during the night.

Aiden managed to come down with croup as I was writing this, and needed time in The John. We spent two hours waiting for a doctor to come along and give him a 2 minute diagnosis and 5 minutes of treatment - thanks to the Coalition government's slow cutting of medicare benefits. After that we drove off to McDonald's at King street and brought home a double beef and bacon burger, a cheeseburger and a small fries to consume at 2.30am. I eventually fell asleep at 3.00pm and dreamt I had a collection of three L1A1 Battle rifles that I enjoyed using.

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