Bush lied etc.

The Big Left Wing news is:

Video Evidence clearly shows George Bush and Michael Chertoff (head of Homeland Security) being briefed about the possible effects of Hurricane Katrina on New Orleans. This occurred one day before the hurricance hit.

And then Bush came out a few days later and said "I don't think anybody anticipated the breach of the levees". As they now say by using full stops to emphasize the point: It. Was. A. Lie.

And Evangelicals were convinced this guy was "born again"? How can the sexual sin of the previous president be worse than everything this guy has done?

Come on... how much more evidence does Congress need to Impeach the guy???

If the GOP don't support Impeachment soon, they'll suffer a very painful, long term erosion in their influence.

Big crash coming. BIG crash. And the Evangelicals are going to get it BAD.