This is probably one of the better Christmases I've experienced. Since I only arrived back home on Friday, I was only exposed to the full Christmas consumerism for a few days.

My main present was an iRiver T30. I selected this brand because of its ability to play ogg sound files (since I am unreasonably committed to free open source software). One problem with the player is that it is designed to plug into computers using Windows XP while someone like me runs Kubuntu. The upshot of the problem is that it takes a rather long time to download music files to the player. Nevertheless, it works well enough for me to be happy. It would've been nicer to have more than 1gb - and have enough to have my entire CD collection (12.8gb) but there's no flash-memory mp3 players of that size yet (no moving parts is good).

Ah... December 26. The most wondrous day of the year. Apart from the cricket, Christmas is 364 days away!

Oh... Anna got Kinetic Combat for the PS2 while Aiden got lots of pirate toys.

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