Back in Newcastle for the weekend

* I've made a quick trip back home to see the family. 750km travelled on Friday, then the weekend here, then 750km back on Monday.

* I actually went to the beach today - no swimming because it was cold and windy - but at least I can say to the kids back in Griffith that I saw the sea on the weekend.

*Pluto is no longer a planet. I've been aware of the "Pluto controversy" for years now. Essentially the problem is that 1) Earth's moon is bigger than pluto, 2) 2003 UB313, an object orbiting our sun, is bigger than pluto, and 3) Pluto's orbital status confirms that it was "sucked in" from the Kuiper belt and not part of the original forming of the Solar System. I'm all for the downgrading. It was that or suddenly getting 8 new planets.

* Can you believe that I am actually interested in "Rockstar Supernova?" Curse Shannon and his Austarness!

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