Where's my daddy?

MTV - part of the dark forces that run this world etc etc etc - has just had some sort of viewer poll about controversial music videos.

Madonna comes in at #1, #4 and #5. Britney Spears makes it in at #2.

What is annoying, and obviously typical, is that Come to Daddy by Aphex Twin did not make it into the top ten. Annoying because it is one of the most disturbing and creative music videos to ever be made, and typical because MTV is reasonably conservative in it controversialness.

What is important to note is that Madonna, having seen the Come to Daddy music video, then immediately commissioned its director, Chris Cunningham, to produce her 1998 "Frozen" music video.


Greg said...

I've never seen the "Come to Daddy" video. But the screen shot on the linked sight is pretty extreme!

broadstone said...

Or maybe...it's just a dumb video and they haven't compiled the dumb video list yet...I tried watching it...who cares if Madonna wanted the same director?

This video matches webster def. of innane: 1 : EMPTY, INSUBSTANTIAL
2 : lacking significance, meaning, or point : SILLY
synonym see INSIPID
Case in point:

A poor old lady walks her dog down a dirty city alley (charming)

The dog pee's...splashes emphasized...dog looks innocently into camera (cute doggy)

Anticipate the dog becoming agitated...finally does starts barking at tv (oh the symbolism? dog=god which of course is walked by the woman...and the dog/god hates tv because as it states "I want your soul"...of course the dog is angry)

The old woman is scared and freaking out (because she is generationally challenged and thinks tv is evil...watch out for for the demon children who come running)

Little girls with stupid faces running chasing another little girl...(they all have the same face...how culture homoginizes everyone...into clones chasing after the innocents to convert them...)

Ok, I ended there, I am sure it must have ended with some dramatic scary whatever...

I don't know man...I'm not hitting on you but seriously this video and SONG really is INNANE.


Kelly B

p.s. i followed to your site from your comments from Ascol's site...was hoping to find your further thoughts on the topic there. I'll come back to read your thoughts...that sounds (in my head as I write it)...like a bad movie line, "I'll be back" but don't take it that way)

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